Tuesday, 1 April 2008

Sunday, Sunday ....

Sundays were Jekyll's 'least free' days devoting them as he did in complete subservience to the whims and wishes of his mother. Each Sunday was remarkably the same. Early morning pages of the Sunday newspaper lay strewn across his bedclothes and Jekyll practiced the 'hand jive' whilst conceiving extravagant fantasies over the weekly pin-up. Once up and dressed the usual visit to the local supermarket beckoned. Pushing the trolley Jekyll left the selection of fayre to his mother while his eyes wandered over the local talent. Each week the same delectable dishes were placed in the basket and the same prices were rung up at the till. Then followed the drive home before Sunday Lunch at their favourite carvery. Here they could both eat as much as they liked for a nominal price. And they did. The afternoons were then devoted to something enjoyable or useful. Bright sunny days would see a drive to enjoy some of the local scenery or sample the delights of the nearby market towns. Sometimes, like today, it would be a trip to the garden centre. This week the reasons for the visit were slightly different. A fit of anger and rage had seen Jekyll hacking the three piece suite to pieces and a new one would not be arriving for several weeks. Meanwhile a couple of garden deck chairs would have to suffice. Once home Jekyll would find himself relaxing in front of the TV, watching repeats of his favourite detective series, cans of beer at his feet, whilst his mother snored in her own chair beside him.

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