Thursday, 17 April 2008

Domestic bliss rules ok.

Thursday evening. Cleaning, take out and "Watch with Mother." Arriving home from work each Thursday Jekyll dons his shorts and Primark T before following up the weekly dusting by hoovering the whole house under the watchful eye of mummy. Should one speck of dirt be missed then it's straight to his room, which Dr Jekyll rather likes for then we all know what he gets up to! Once the evenings grind is done its fish and chips for supper before Jekyll showers away the grime. Not being truly domesticated and rather objecting to the humiliation of this work he hums away quietly to himself while pissing into mummy's shower cap and ejaculating into his T before cleaning round the bath with it. This gives him enormous pleasure before finally settling down to watch TV with a bottle of white wine. There's no dirt like ...

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