Thursday, 10 April 2008

Curing the gout!....

Gout. That painful 'king of diseases' which causes inflammation and swelling in one, or more, of the joints. Jekyll suffered from it badly, particularly in his big toes. His regular Friday night binges with alchohol along with his regular consumption throughout the week were taking their toll. He could often be seen stooping as he loped around the campus on his frequent daily walkabouts. These were his regular trips to relieve the boredom by stalking those females who had caught his attention and inflamed his erotomania. He had never had a relationship with any of the individuals he followed, and they were not aware of his attentions, he simply enjoyed the fantasies that his delusions created and the feeling of being loved. Indeed he found himself frequently shifting his libidinal attention to new objects of desire in his excessive persuits and the intense relationships these 'affairs' created in his mind.

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