Thursday, 13 March 2008

Mirror of the soul.

Our Dr Jekyll is a man totally preoccupied with himself, his own wants, needs, aspirations, desires and fantasies. Constantly craving the attention, adulation or even the subservience of others he will lie and deceive with ease. His behaviour in public is very different to that of his private persona. Most of his colleagues and aquaintances have only ever witnessed his typically charming public masque (designed to generate admiration) and therefore have a very distorted perception of his true character. Although constantly critical of others he dislikes criticism of himself and while he might interupt others in conversation he strongly dislikes being interupted himself. Everyone must fit in with his plans and he reacts badly when any aspect of his freedom is threatened or his plans are thwarted. Emotionally abusive and always impatient, he will subject those who are close to him to shouting and verbal abuse, especially if they interupt, confront or contradict him. His narcissistic rage will suddenly erupt but remain hidden and smouldering in public situations in order to protect his reputation and hide his aggressive nature from others.

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